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The Book ETERNAL GOSPEL AND PRODIGIOUS PRAYERS is GOD MADE BOOK, therefore it is recommended not to LET IT in shelves or drawers, but at the head of the bed and life. To STUDY IT and PRACTICE IT is duty of everybody.
When reading the prayers, do not bend the knees to any idols or images. If you have any idols, images, or any other exteriorism of invocative character, images, small saints, small bracelets, necklace chain, etc., break them and throw them away. This procedure is in respect to the Second Commandment of the Law of God.
Do not light candles or incense for evocative purpose, or with the intention of helping spirits. If you want, use flowers or green branches as energy condensers.
Whenever you have the opportunity, place your right hand on the Book ETERNAL GOSPEL AND PRODIGIOUS PRAYERS, thinking in helping children naked, hungry and sick of the World.
Try to attend a Divinist worship, going whenever you can, to pray for others in the midst of others. TO PRAY FOR OTHERS IN THE MIDDLE OF OTHERS MAKE TO DESERVE DIVINE GRACES.
For social or material subjects, you reed the Prayer for the Old Black Men, contained in the Book ETERNAL GOSPEL AND PRODIGIOUS PRAYERS, preferably most close to noon, thinking in God (deep inside), in Nero and in the Legions he commands.
You should make use of the Energized or Fluidized Waters. The Book ETERNAL GOSPEL AND PRODIGIOUS PRAYERS teaches how to make.