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Following is a text from the Holy Principle, God or
Divine Father, in His last incarnation:
You will suffer all the shocks and all the storms, whether incarnated or disembodied, till you shall understand the true meaning of the Law of God, the Divine Example of Jesus and of the Healthy Revelation, which has the duty of warning, illustrate and comfort.
You should not intend to teach God, or impose to God your concepts and prejudices, according to the dictates of your petty religiosistic sectarian and others interests. For a time has come, and from it the Apocalypse prophecies speak, that everything will be shaken or touched, in order to have a maximum in costumes or behavior renewal.
March according to the DIVINE MORAL ORDER, because you shall not be the owners of the TRUTH THAT DIVINIZE. Attend well to this – You can be both put you in the self-christifying way or on the path of punishing migration.
Pursue to choose well, here is our warning!”